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Renault Cobra Front Parking Sensors Fitted

If your looking for good parking sensors for the front of your vehicle we only recommend Cobra or Meta parking sensors. The Cobra system we installed onto this vehicle works perfectly when turning the ignition on for 40 seconds. If the sensors detect any objects within that time the sensors will remain active. Once the Cobra parking sensors have timed out they will simply turn off meaning they won’t anoy you while your stuck in traffic for example.

To reactivate the parking sensors you simply push the P switch for 1 second and you will hear a beep meaning the sensors have become active again and they will remain on for 40 seconds unless they detect objects. If they do they will remain on until they are turned off by the p switch or the vehicles ignition is turned off.

With front parking sensors the front kit doesn’t know or understand when the vehicle is slowing down and as such the timer delay method is best. some cheaper made parking sensors have a basic rocker switch and it simply doesn’t look neat or work very well due to needing your input alot more while driving. The Cobra sensors work perfectly and we can adjust the timer if required while fitting the kit.

BMW Z4 Parking Sensors Fitted

This BMW Z4 needed some front sensors due to the very long bonnet it makes parking very difficalt. As such the customer wanted a good reliable set of parking sensors. We recommended the Cobra 21 mm front sensors which work fantastic giving an excellent detection range but also providing excellent reliability for many years to come.

The Sensors were professionally colour coded to the exact vehicle paint code of this vehicle. As you can see from the picture the sensors are a perfect match to the original paint finish on the vehicle. The sensors themselves wake up by pressing the P button which we mount within the vehicles interior. We program all front sensors to wake up for 40 seconds. Once no objects have been detected the sensors will time out and will await the next press of the P button.

We are fully mobile parking sensors installers located in Essex. Offering the best parking sensor brands and installations.

Ford Fiesta Rear Sensors Fitted

This customer wanted all 4 sensors in the lower black trim due to them being a lot lower down / more out of sight. Sadly this panel is low to the floor, so we had to install sensors which feature a collar to bring them back in line and to make sure the sensors don’t detect the ground when reversing. The kit consists of 4 sensors in total which are evenly spaced along the black plastic trim.

Inside you have a small buzzer which bleeps once to let you know reverse has been selected then it will beep faster and faster the closer you get towards an object. These sensors detect objects from up to 1.5 meters away giving you complete piece of mind when reversing.

Our sensors come with a complete 3 year warranty giving you complete piece of mind during ownership. If you would like rear parking sensors fitted to the rear or front of your vehicle. Give us a call on 07525 068291.

Perfect Colour Matching Sensors Essex

When shopping for parking sensors you will see many brands advertised but sadly every company has there own presure selling methods because there sensors are simply the best. Let me tell you the most major brands in the UK are Parksafe, Cobra, Laserline. All these sensors are known worldwide for there quality and excellent reliability, we offer a 3 year piece of mind warranty on all sensors supplied.

The most important part / no matter what brand you choose is the colour coding. There are companies out there that will ask you to buy a spray can of paint and they will colour code the sensors while your there. This is only going to be a very thin layer of paint with no protection applied after.

All our sensors are professionally colour coded in a spray shop before us installing the kit. This means you will have sensors that match your factory paint perfectly. Also the Gloss paint effect is another detail we make sure matches your paintwork. Many paints have a gloss finish and using a spray tin won’t get the same results as a professional spray gun.

If you would like colour matched parking sensors installed, which are painted to a very high standard get in contact with us today. Dave 07525 068291.

Nissan Rear Parking Sensors Fitted

Nissan’s normally come with a reverse camera as standard, but sadly this is very low resolution and customers just don’t feel confident reversing such a large vehicle. This is when a customer seeks help reversing they normally turn to a set of professionally fitted rear parking sensors. These look extreamly neat and sleek along the rear bumper and can be colour coded to match the bodywork of your exact vehicle.

The sensors consist of of a buzzer inside the vehicle, which will bleep and faster the closer you get to an object. The rear parking sensors start detecting objects from 1.5 meters away. The sensors go to a constant tone when you are 30 cm’s / 12 inches away from an object.

All our parking sensors come with a 3 year warranty as standard giving you complete piece of mind when buying from us. We are fully mobile and come to you in the Essex area.