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Need Parking Sensors installed on the front and rear of your vehicle? We do a range of front parking sensors that can activate with any option you choose, They can turn on with the foot brake this makes the kit active for around 8 seconds or a simple switch which turns the kit on and off when you choose.

You can add a speed pulse module which links into the vehicles data lines to read when the vehicle drops below a certain speed this will turn the kit on and allow you to park with no messing around with switches.

You can have a simple buzzer sounder on the front and rear kit or you can upgrade the buzzers to a full display which gives information on how far you are away from an object with a nice soft bleep tone sounder along with red, yellow and green bars to make viewing even better when parking.

We offer Cobra Parkmaster Front and Rear Parking Sensors and We offer Steelmate Front and Rear Parking Sensors both brands come with a long warranty period and these companies are the market leaders in the Parking Sensor market worldwide.