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Need Parking Sensors installed on the front and rear of your vehicle? We do a range of front parking sensors that can activate simply by touching a switch for 1 second. They will then remain active for a period of 40 seconds allowing you more than enough time to park. If the front sensors detect objects within that time they will remain on to make sure your vehicle is protected thoughout parking. The rear sensors that are installed are activated instantly when reverse gear is selected.

This means you can park with ease and have no issues worrying about the sensors not being active to protect your vehicle. All our sensors come with an excellent detection range unlike other cheaper brands on the market.

The Cobra front and rear sensors come with a buzzer the front and a buzzer for the rear, but they do sound different to give you the diffrence between front and rear parking.

We offer Cobra front and rear sensors due to these sensors being the most fit for purpse and most reliable brands we have ever seen. The Cobra sensors also offer advanced programming features which are not seen on cheaper / Chna made kits. With a long warranty period of 3 years and the excellent support from Cobra they are the no1 choice of front and rear parking sensors.

Remeber we supply and fit front and rear parking sensors all over Essex. Via our fully mobile installation service.